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Business Office

The aim of our Business Office is to support students in making their education affordable. We offer payment plans to all students to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder their educational progress. Should you decide to apply for loans, the financial institution's costs can differ based on the chosen program, private lenders will assess the borrower’s credit history, and in certain cases, they may necessitate a co-signer. It’s important to note that Ideal School of Allied Health Care does not endorse or recommend any particular lender.

Be aware that some lenders may impose restrictions related to the minimum number of classroom hours required for the issuance of valid certificates. It’s advisable to review these details when considering your financing options.

Career Services

At Ideal School of Allied Health Care, we take pride in offering our students "Lifetime Placement Assistance" upon the successful completion of their program. While we cannot guarantee job placement, we are committed to providing you with the resources and support needed to excel in your career search. Our career services entail:

  • Crafting and refining your resume and cover letter
  • Mastering interview techniques and job search strategies to highlight your skills
  • Participating in Career Workshops designed to enhance your job readiness
  • Engaging in one-on-one career coaching sessions for personalized guidance
  • Learning the art of salary negotiation to ensure you receive fair compensation
  • Understanding Career Outlook and Advancement opportunities to plan for your future growth

Our goal is to equip you with the tools and confidence necessary to navigate the job market and secure a position that allows you to thrive professionally.


Financing Options

At Ideal School of Allied Health Care, we understand the importance of investing in your education and future. To facilitate this, we offer a diverse range of financing options designed to accommodate your financial needs.

Our team is dedicated to helping you explore all available options, which include:

  • Flexible payment plans tailored to suit your budget
  • Grants that can provide you with non-repayable funds
  • Scholarships to offset educational costs
  • Employer tuition assistance programs

We encourage you to have a conversation with one of our admissions advisors. They are well-equipped to guide you towards the financial options that will best support your educational journey with us.


Did You Know?
FREE Transportation Available!

Having a hard time finding transportation to get to school? Always wanted to train for a new career, yet it seemed impossible to travel? Well, guess what?

Ideal School is now offering FREE transportation at select stop points that can get you to and from classes. We will pick you up from a central location AND drop you off after classes. If you have 6 or more in your party, we can even customize the route!! Isn't that amazing? Talk to one of our Admissions Advisors now to find out more....
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