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Why Become A Medical Assistant?

Still deciding where you fit in as a Healthcare Professional? Well, Medical Assistants do it all. From administrative to clinical tasks, not only are they high in demand but they get to choose the working environment that suits them.

1. Ever thought of traveling?

Medical assistants are not only high in demand in the United States, Australia also has plenty of medical assistant job vacancies. Why not try other lifestyle in places like Singapore, Malaysia, or Dubai? Now that’s exciting!

2. Plenty of choices

Job vacancies for Medical Assistants are opening – fast. In fact, demand for medical assistants is set to grow by 23% between 2018 and 2028. Nearly 180,000 new medical assistants will be needed to fill up the new positions. Wouldn’t it feel great to be needed?

3. Guess what? You have a life again.

Many medical assistants can work various schedules. The best thing is you can choose the schedule that suits you depending on the practice you choose to work for. Smaller practices follow 9-5 schedules, creating the opportunity to have an awesome work/life balance.This will also ensure you don’t “burn out.” How does that sound? 

4. It’s Stable AND Flexible

You no longer have to worry about your job!

Most job-seekers seek stability and the fact is, a career with 23 percent growth is as stable as it gets.  Medical assistants have a very low turnover and unemployment rate. You can also find new jobs very quickly. Medical assistants are also flexible. When you have a career that is in demand, you get to choose where and when you can work. Whether you chose a doctor’s office, clinic, hospital or other healthcare facilities, the control is in your hands. If your significant other decides to move or needs to travel for work, you can find a job almost anywhere. 

5. Advance your career on a solid foundation

Most people love medical assisting and work in their chosen career for a lifetime. Some use medical assisting as a starting point to further their journey in healthcare. As an Medical assistant, you can work as a:

  • Clinical team leader
  • Lead medical assistant
  • Medical office manager
  • Clinical office manager
  • Medical records manager
  • Healthcare administrator
  • Executive medical office secretary
  • Transcription supervisor

Talk about opportunities and endless possibilities…

6. Become a licensed profession

Since more employers are requiring certification as a hiring criteria, being certified tends to make Medical Assistants more attractive to employers. Certified medical assistants have demonstrated their expertise in medical assisting duties; therefore, employers see them as more of an asset than non-certified ones.

7. Get Hired Quickly

One of the biggest positives of Medical Assisting is that the job is accessible, meaning you don’t have to spend all those years in college. Most Medical Assisting programs will incorporate a blend of classroom and laboratory work that include lessons in anatomy and medical terminology. Best of all, you can complete your courses in less than a year.

8. It can be a gateway to greater things

Becoming a Medical assistant can be the perfect way for newcomers to begin their journeys into the medical field. It has more than enough potential to become a fulfilling, lifelong career in itself but if you have bigger dreams, this could be the first stepping stone of many.

A Medical Assisting position can be a great way to get your feet wet, determine how much you enjoy working with patients and potentially propel you to earn a nursing degree or work toward becoming an office manager in a medical setting. Building your skill set through medical assisting is a great place to start.

9. It is a fulfilling career

It’s always a great accomplishment for people who love caring for people to have the opportunity to work in a field that strives to help other people on a daily basis. Talk about fulfillment! Working face-to-face with patients and with their dedicated physicians can be both encouraging and inspiring.

Working as an Medical Assistant takes a lot of heart, commitment, dedication, and is a career to be proud of.

10. The career is stable

While professionals in some industries are unsure of their future in the field being replaced by technology, you can rest assured that there will always be a need for your abilities. As long as there are people with ailments and illnesses, there will be a need for medical assistants. Even the healthy patients undergoing routine checkups require the work of a Medical Assistant.